Timmy Zach

Creator & Head of Sales

The innovator and creator of the TimmyZzz Pillow. Timmy has always understood the importance of getting a good night's sleep. He would always sleep on a 100% organic latex pillow. Combining PEMF technology with a sleeping pillow was always the plan and now it has finally happened. After years of research and finding out how to implement the best frequencies for deep sleep, TimmyZzz Pillow is here.

Niki Zach

Head of Marketing

Niki has also been in the integrative medicine field his whole life. He has a great understanding of the science behind Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field therapy and how different frequencies stimulate different parts of the human body.

When Timmy came up with the idea of creating a PEMF Pillow, the two of them sat down together to design the most comfortable and effective PEMF Pillow on the market. Many different criteria were taken into aspect, such as comfort over a long period of time (full night of sleep), battery life, and most importantly the effectiveness of the PEMF. The final combination of all these is what makes up the perfectly crafted TimmyZzz Pillow.