Science Behind TimmyZzz

TimmyZzz utilizes PEMF technology to optimize mitochondrial function, leading to enhanced performance and quicker recovery, while simultaneously promoting better sleep by regulating brain activity.

This phenomenon is known as "entrainment," where both the brain and the mitochondria can be synchronized to specific frequencies. By improving oxygen metabolism within cells, TimmyZzz reduces oxidative stress by enhancing cellular resilience against various metabolic stressors such as WiFi and radio frequency radiation.

Oxygen metabolism is crucial for the body, and any impairment can lead to reduced oxygen levels in tissues, increased oxidative stress, and subsequent inflammation, which is often the underlying cause of many diseases, including cancer.

TimmyZzz's frequencies allow for a surplus cellular energy to be utilized during sleep for accelerated repair processes, bolstered immune function, increased strength and stamina, improved memory consolidation, and heightened daytime energy levels.

  • - Vascular Dilation of Brain Blood Vessels

  • - Enhanced Melatonin Release

  • - Electrical stimulation of the Hypothalamus for Sleep Facilitation

  • - Reestablishment of Circadian Rhythms (useful for jet lag) 

  • - Vastly Improved Sleep 

  • - Healthier Endocrine System 

  • - Accelerated Recovery 

  • - Increased Flexibility (especially in the morning upon waking) 

  • - Enhanced Mood 

  • - Improved Mental Focus & Executive Performance 

  • - Balance Improvement 

  • - Enhanced Mobility 

  • - Avoids Production of Lactic Acid 

  • - Lower Levels of Oxidative Stress 

  • - Slows Natural Aging Process

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  • Beta (14-30Hz)

    Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition. Higher levels associated with anxiety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight.

  • Alpha (8-13.9Hz)

    Relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production. Pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, mediation, beginning of access to unconscious mind.

  • Theta (4-7.9Hz)

    Dreaming (REM sleep)
    Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity. Increased retention of learned material. Deep meditation, access to unconscious mind.

  • Delta (1-3.9Hz)

    Dreamless sleep
    Human growth hormone released. Deep trance-like non-physical state, loss of body awareness. Access to unconscious and "collective unconscious" mind. 

Technical Data:

Intensity: 0.6 Gauss

Frequency: 3Hz, 7.8Hz, 25Hz and 1,200Hz

Waveform: Rectangular


Flat Pillow: 26in (66cm) - 16in (42cm) - 4in (11cm)

Curve Pillow: 20in (50cm) - 14in (33cm) - 3.5in (9cm)